Turcas Petrol A.Ş. KSS Projeleri

Bilim Kahramanları ProjesiKuyucak Science Heroes Project Turcas developed the Kuyucak Science Heroes project in partnership with the Science Heroes Association which aims to encourage children and youth to design scientific projects from an early age. Under this program, a classroom in the Pamukören Middle School located in the Kuyucak district of the Turkish city of Aydın was converted into a robotics workshop that can accommodate a total of 200 students.

In addition, under the sponsorship of Turcas, a team was created for the tournament known as the FIRST LEGO League which is organized by the Science Heroes Association and in which almost 6,000 children from 652 teams across Turkey have participated. Under the theme of “City Shaper”, the Pamukören Team generated innovative solutions to problems they detected in a public area or in a building and carried out the necessary tasks with the robots that they coded and designed. Turcas aims to continue its social investment projects in these areas of activity.

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